Our academic courses will focus on a specific skill or a concept within all school subjects. The key features of our academic courses are:short-term, flexibility and focused on learner outcome.

In a shorter course, the teacher is more focused on outcomes — how to ensure that students leave the course having learned a set of knowledge and skills within a specific subject.

These courses will help students to eliminate their weaknesses focusing on single activities or concepts and are designed to meet the immediate needs of all learners who want to master specific skills.

Flexible Learning Option allows students to have full lifetime access to course recordings in case they miss a live lesson with a teacher. Students can still catch
up with course materials at their own pace and participate in all classroom activities online (taking quizzes and assignments)

Example of our Academic courses


Fun with Fractions
Decimals and Percentages
Algebra Basics (differentiated for various age groups)


All You need to know about Forces, Light and Sound, Machines


Creative Writing
Narration and Composition
GSCE Booster courses

As these courses are based on outcomes, they are generally suitable for children from all over the world, regardless of where they live and what curriculum they follow.

The COVID 19 pandemic means that many parents are forced to keep their children at home. Even after schools open, many might be uneasy about sending their children to school. Our short courses allow children to continue with their studious lifestyle while improving their academic skills at home.

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