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Get a chance to be a part of small and intimate group of educators who develop, design and deliver short term and flexible online courses (academic, life skills as well as character-building courses) aimed at Muslim youth and children globally.

How to become a teacher

RYS is an online platform to help talented Muslim women share their skills with the Muslim community worldwide. MashaAllah, we have many highly skilled and qualified educators and teachers globally. I believe what we are offering is unique and will bridge the gap in the market by combining Islamic ethos with academic learning in a unique but highly effective way. And with the nature of education moving to online platforms, we firmly believe projects like Raising Young Scholars is on-demand at the moment.

We have been investing heavily on the technical side to bring the best Islamic Online Academy to you where you can deliver your very own online courses and impact a wide range of students from different backgrounds.

Imagine a student in Bangladesh completing an English course with an instructor in the UK or Chinese Muslim children learning Computer coding with an Indian instructor or Muslim children in the west learning tajweed/Islamic Studies with a qualified Egyptian and Saudi teachers. This will truly be a place where Muslim children of all backgrounds can access highly skilled instructors of all backgrounds insha'Allah. As such, we firmly believe Raising Young Scholars has HUGE potential for growth in the future insha'Allah.

With that being said, the rest is all in the hands of our dear instructors bidhnillah!!!

Please register your details here and we will contact you soon for more details, inshaAllah.
Once you request to become an Instructor, you will receive two documents from us: Course Proposal Template and Sample Course Proposal. You will have to email back completed Course Outline template. Once we receive information about the course you want to deliver at RYS, it will be looked at by a team of educators to ensure it is of high quality both in content (thought-provoking and insightful information) and delivery (interactive and engaging activities).

If your course gets approved, you will be asked to provide course content in more detail and slides for each lesson. You develop the course and our Design team will help to design digital materials for the course (integrating RYS logo, trademarks and brands into your digital course materials). Once all digital materials are ready, it will be uploaded onto the website from where you can deliver the course with instructor login details inshaAllah.
Raising Young Scholars is an Islamic Online Academy. As such, the performance and functionality of the website are 95% similar to Udemy, Coursera and other such platforms that offer online courses. The only difference is that we offer blended learning which means the courses are not pre-recorded rather delivered with a teacher present in the online platform. Zoom app will be integrated and each teacher will have a virtual classroom.

You can instruct your students to have group discussions, online quizzes and give assignments and tasks to be completed offline (which is why courses aimed at younger children below the age of 7 isn’t accepted at this point). Instructors will have to feedback on students' work and progress wherever needed.

If you have taught online using Zoom, Blackboard and Microsoft teams- you already have a better understanding of how things work. If not, full training will be offered at free of cost.

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