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“Be the best you can be”

The past half a year hasn’t been easy for anyone. While it is true that the situation brought many families closer together, we have to admit lockdown parenting is not for the faint-hearted. Add the enforced ‘homeschooling’ duties and policing your child’s online activities – most parents experienced increased levels of anxiety and stress due to emotional drain and physical exhaustion of parenting 24/7 in isolation.

Here at RYS, these are some of the questions we have been receiving:

“My son is 16 and said to me he has doubts about Islam. It is nerve- wrecking to watch your child walking further and further away from our deen. We are confused, bewildered and helpless not knowing what to do? Any advice please” (Mum from Texas, USA)

‘I am in a big dilemma, really big one. My 16-year-old daughter has a friend from school who has a major bad influence on her. They keep in touch via mobile and social media since schools have been on and off in the UK. She has been told off and advised to leave her friend but she can’t let go. I see the harm influence on my daughter but she won’t listen. She is too close to her friend. It’s affecting her family relationship, education and lifestyle. What do I do?” (Mum from London, UK)

‘Our daughter is 16 and we have recently discovered that she has been watching not permissible stuff on Netflix on her mobile. We (mother and father) both confronted her which led to major arguments and fights on both sides. She was upset we looked through her phone activity without her consent and wouldn’t agree to the phone being taken away. We are planning to take her phone away in a way she doesn’t realize it, like stealing. But she will know it’s her father and the fights had already hurt their relationship so much. We are devastated and stuck. We feel we are slowly losing her. Please advise, what to do?’

It’s because of the questions we have been receiving, we have launched two initiatives over the course of 6 months trying to provide solutions to the problems Muslim families are facing.

Monday Musings – Parenting Podcast for Muslim families on parenting and family relationships

Thursday Thoughts – weekly videos to the most frequently asked questions on parenting, child-education, homeschooling and overall children’s tarbiyya and taleem in Islam

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